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Saturday, October 5th 2013. | Login -Register & GapCard sign in View your account details Having GapCard can give you a lot of convenience when you shot in Gap. Well, maybe some of you still do not understand about what GapCard is. If you do not understand about what this card is, then let us describe it to you for a while. GapCard is special card, which provide by Gap store. GapCard is special card, which you can use to pay anything you buy from Gap store. For you who want to get GapCard, then you will need to shop first in the GapCard and ask the card to them. After you have gained the card, then you should activate that card first in

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If you want to use your GapCard, you will need to activate your card first. It is not hard to activate your GapCard. You can ask the Gap store customer service to help you activate your card in the same time when you received your card. After your card has already activated, you can start using it to be payment tool when you are buying item in Gap store.

When you have used your card as payment tool whenever you buy item in Gap store, then you will need to know about how to pay your bill. It is easy to pay your bill of your GapCard. You only need to login to the Moreover, you also need to know that you can do many things inside of that website instead of paying your bill. What you can do inside of that website are:

  • You can pay your bill with using online method.
  • You can check your transaction history from this site.
  • You can get paperless statement from your GapCard through this site.
  • You are also able to check your reward after using GapCard for several times.
  • You can apply your second GapCard.

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With having much easiness with using GapCard, we believe that you will enjoy different experience in shopping item in Gap Store. Make sure that you often to use your GapCard to pay the entire transaction you want to make in Gap Store because you will be able to get many rewards, which you can check furthermore, in