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Home State of New Jersey – Unemployment Insurance Benefit Claims, Department of Labor and Workforce Development . Unemployment condition is the toughness situation for everyone. It is the situation when almost everyone who face it will feel confuse and do not understand about what they need to do. Many people who work for company or individual will have possibility to enter the unemployment condition. However, if you are US citizen, you are still have chance to gain compensation in several times until you get a new job. If you are in unemployment condition right now and you do not know about what you need to do, then you need to claim your EUC first in the

To apply unemployment claim

State of New Jersey

It is very easy to make claim in to gain your EUC. EUC is emergency unemployment compensation. Special fund provided by US government to help people who have just entered unemployment condition. You can use that special fund to fulfill your monthly need with your family until you can get a new job. If you want to claim your EUC, then you will need to do several things first. However, we will not tell you about that information first because we want to share to you about what the requirement to gain EUC. It is the first important thing that you need to know before you claim your EUC. Here are several requirements that you need to fulfill first before you claim EUC.

  • Your previous work or job must be located in New Jersey because you will claim your EUC in New Jersey government website.
  • If you want to claim your EUC, then you need to ensure if you are not serving military or maritime in the last past eighteen months.
  • You are US citizen.

If you have ensured that you are able to fulfill the entire requirement to claim EUC, then you can learn about how to make claim.

  • You need to create account in this website to make claim or EUC.
  • In the first time, you need to press file and unemployment claim to make your first claim.
  • After that, you must fill the entire form with your true personal identification.

State of New Jersey

The government will review your claim and they will send you the EUC as soon as possible after they have reviewed the claim that you have submitted from