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Home – University Of Phoenix Ecampus. Student and Faculty Portal Studying in university sometime will make you need to find much important information, which can support your study like journal, and other information like administration. However, it will make you feel tired when you need to find that information with manual method. You need to be happy if you are studying in university of phoenix because you will be able to find much information with convenient.

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You do not need any more to come directly to the college just for finding information that you need because you can access it from If you still do not understand about how to use this website to gain much information about your study, you can read this article to learn more about this website.

If you want to use to access many kinds important information, then you will need to have account first in that website. You need to create it individually because the University of Phoenix does not create it for you. However, you do not need to worry because the registration is easy enough. You can follow our instruction to create account in this website.

  • When you have visited the University of Phoenix website, then you can create account by clicking on “new to campus? Sign up here” button.
  • You will face common registration form, which you need to fill.
  • Please ensure that you have filled any blank form, which marked with (*).
  • If you cannot create your account, then you may change your username because maybe the username, which you entered, have already taken. Student and Faculty Portal eCampus

You have understood about how to create account in, and then we think you will want to know furthermore about what you can do with having that account. You will be able to access many important things when you have created the account in this website. Here are several interesting things that you can access after you created account.

  • You can access library to find journal, which will give you many help in writing academic paper.
  • You can see what kinds of program available to choose easily.
  • You can check what kind of faculty available to choose and check about the status of your proposal submitting.