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Home www.MyPanera.com – Register Login MyPanera. Activate www.MyPanera.com Card Member To Get Rewards - Do you love to eat well-made bread? If you really love to eat high quality bread, then you must understand about Panera. Yes, Panera is bakery and café that is well known in Canada and US. It has produced many kinds of delicious bread. If you have not tried to eat bread which produced by Panera, then we suggest you to try to eat it. You will want to eat it more again because the taste of the bread is different with other bakery. Moreover, we want to share to you about easiness of buying bread in this café. You can use special card, which you can activate in www.mypanera.com.

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www.MyPanera.com - Register Login MyPanera

Panera specially designed special card, which used to buy in their store. You can get MyPanera card in each Panera store. However, your card still cannot be used to buy in Panera store before you activate it in www.mypanera.com. If you want to know more about Mypanera card, then you can read this article. We will try to provide information about this thing to you. Before you can use your MyPanera card to buy bread in Panera store, as we have said to you before that, you need to activate it first. Here is the instruction to activate MyPanera card in www.mypanera.com.

  • You need to visit the website and choose register my card.
  • After you entered in activation page of your card, you can press continue button.
  • You need to enter registration code and your card code, which you can find that information behind of your card.
  • Your card number is the number which located in the below of your card while your registration code is the number that located in left side in your card.

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If you are people who love to hang out in Panera, then with using this card in your hand will give you benefit like you do not need to bring cash because you can pay it with using the card. Beside of that, you are also able to give this card to other people as a special gift. However, you need to activate the card or you can teach your friend to activate the card personally through www.mypanera.com.